Living With Anxiety Part 2: Work

This is part two of a multiple part series of my life with an anxiety disorder. Read the previous entry here. At my current workplace, we tell the kids about the What If Monster. Essentially, the What If Monster appears when you start asking questions like "what if the other kids don't like me/don't want... Continue Reading →


Living With A Learning Disability Part 2: Work

This is part two of an ongoing┬áseries. Read part one here. More information on NVLDs can be found here. One of the biggest things I've worried about when I was diagnosed with my nonverbal learning disability (NVLD) was working. Not school work, but like "welcome to the real world here's your job" work. With school,... Continue Reading →

Love, Music, and Yodels

I don't remember meeting my friends Sean and Owen. I remember it was through the Cub Scout organization. My brothers and Sean were part of the same Tiger Cub den and I hung out with Owen while they had meetings. Soon their mom roped my mom into being den leaders together and from that began... Continue Reading →

2018 In Vinyl: March and April

Welcome back to my 2018 journey through vinyl! If you miss part 1, read it here. These past two months, I had sort of a theme. I ended up getting a two disc compilation album and a 7" single each month. April also marks the first time I bought new albums instead of used. Without... Continue Reading →

2018 In Vinyl: January and February

I should start by saying I should have started these series of posts earlier. Anyway, let's get right into it. This year for my New Year's resolution, I decided to buy one or more vinyl records a month. I love music and wanted to build my vinyl collection up, so naturally this was a no-brainer... Continue Reading →


A couple days after the new year started, I had an anxiety attack. Not a short one either. It started December 31st while I was at work. There was an off feeling somewhere in the back of my mind I ignored. I figured it was just because I was anxious for my shift to be... Continue Reading →

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